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Helping you to Stay Well this Summer

This summer Frimley Health and Care want to support you, your family and your loved ones to stay well with summer advice we can all benefit from reminding ourselves of.

As we enjoy the longer days and better weather, there are some simple things we can all do to stay well and to keep illness at bay . Whether you’re looking forward to days out, special events or just enjoying more time outdoors, take a look at the summer webpage and follow Frimley Health and Care on social media to keep informed.

Find tips on getting summer ready by making over your medicine cabinet, ensuring you have what you need for bites, ticks, stings, hay fever and possible blisters from those summer shoes.

There’s also information about staying safe in the sun, the signs of heat exhaustion, how it can affect us all and how you can look out for those who are more vulnerable.

If you, or someone you care for lives with a lung or heart condition, there is advice to help you stay well and be more aware of the effect the heat can have on your condition.

We are encouraging you to share messages about water safety with the young people in your lives - It might just save theirs.

Please share what you read and help everyone have fun and stay well this summer.

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