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What Matters Most to You in Hampshire

Helping us to set our priorities for the coming year.

We asked residents of Hampshire to tell us what they felt should be our priorities for 2023.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the survey. In total, 148 people shared their experiences and concerns, as well as making suggestions about how services could be improved.

The services that people were most concerned about were:

GP Services 85% of people raised GP services as a concern

"It makes me anxious the lack of face-to-face appointments with the difficulties of getting to even speak to my GP. Not been able to get to see him now since Nov 2019".

Accident and Emergency 24% of people felt Accident and Emergency should be a priority.

"Awareness of difficulties locally accessing AandE, ambulance service, long-delays. People being told to get themselves there, including elderly, vulnerable people".

NHS Dentistry 23% of people spoke about access to NHS Dentistry

"Try finding an NHS dentist. Dental treatment is a necessity, not a luxury. Treatment is now out of the question for most working families".

Adult Social Care 23% of people said they had concerns about care for adults, such as day care, care at home and services for adults with disabilities.

"I have seen people who lack proper care being completely housebound and distressed".

Adult Mental Health Services 20% of people spoke to us about Adult Mental Health Services

"More input into mental health issues besides just giving out antidepressants would take the strain out of general healthcare as it would empower & educate individuals how to manage their own mental health & in many cases stop it from escalating".

We will be using these priorities to form the basis of our work plan for the year, ensuring that what matters to local people is at the forefront of what we do.

Watch this space! We will shortly be sharing what we will be focusing on in 2023.


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