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People at the Heart of Care: adult social care reform white paper

The government have set out their 10 year vision for adult social care, with information on funded proposals that will be implemented over the next 3 years.

The government have released a white paper, setting out plans to reform adult social care over the next 10 years. But what does it mean?

Healthwatch England have produced a helpful article. It looks at the key issues raised within the paper and how these compare to what we hear on the ground in the feedback we receive from the public. It then looks at what changes are in the reform and what plans are in place to make improvements. You can view the article here.

The key seven issues the white paper looks at are:

  • Better advice

  • Help for carers

  • Financial support

  • Social care assessments and reviews

  • Quality of care

  • Workforce

  • Meeting people's needs

You can read the white paper in full by clicking here.


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