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Our Long Term Plan

We asked people in Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton and Isle of Wight what they felt was important to them in terms of their health and care.

Together, we encouraged people to complete two surveys – one general survey which was suitable for everyone and one directed at people with long term conditions.

Alongside this, we carried a series of focus groups to reach people who might not otherwise have the chance to share their reflections on the Long-Term Plan.

"When a clinician sees me, I want them to have complete access to my clinical history without hindrance. I certainly do not want to have the need to ask one clinician if another can see my notes. I want my notes to be regarded as my property and not that of the NHS or someone else"

The main themes from the data collated were as follows:

• People want easy and quick access to health care when they need it, especially to GP services, and to be able to receive the treatment and support they need without long waiting times.

• People want to be more involved in their care, to be listened to by professionals and to have their time valued. Choosing the right treatment should be a joint decision between the individual and the professional with people being supported to consider their options to make the right choices for them.

• People want to know their information is secure, but they also want better sharing of information between services, specialities and professionals (as well as access to their own information) to make services more seamless.

• People want clear, concise and timely communication about all aspects of their care.

• People want quick and easy access to clear information to help them make decisions about their health and care. They also want access to support for healthy living, including access to good dietary information and exercise facilities to enable them to stay independent for as long as possible.

• People want local services, accessible easily.

• Finally, people want to feel supported at end of life.


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