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Services for Armed Forces Veterans in Hampshire

Shore Leave Haslar were recently awarded funding from Healthwatch Hampshire to carry out a survey to find out what barriers, if any, are encountered by Veterans when accessing healthcare.

On leaving the Armed Forces, Veterans become responsible for managing all aspects of their transition to civilian life, which includes managing their health care.

Shore Leave Haslar, through their work with Veterans had anecdotal evidence that service leavers often didn’t register with a GP and neglect other areas of their health.

The survey asked about access to services for treatment of ongoing medical conditions, mental health support and rehabilitation. It also asked participants if they had registered as a Veteran with their GP.

CCGs are responsible for commissioning all secondary and community services required by Armed Forces’ families, services for Veterans and Reservists when not mobilised and bespoke services for Veterans, such as Veterans mental health services.

Healthwatch Hampshire and Shore Leave Haslar wrote to the CCG with the findings of the survey regarding services for Armed Forces Veterans in Hampshire.



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