Carers' Assessments - Review of key Hampshire websites

As part of our work with carers, we worked with volunteers to assess how easy or hard it was to find out information about Carers' Assessments on two key Hampshire websites. Here are the results.
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When we carried out our Caring During Covid survey, one of the issues that came out was that many carers weren't aware that they were entitled to a Carers' Assessment and they didn't know how to get one. 

As a result of this we worked with our team and volunteers to carry out a review of the two key Hampshire websites which provide direct information about Carers' Assessments, to see how easy or hard it was to find that information. 

The two reports can be found here: 


Hampshire County Council Website Report
Connect to Support Hampshire Website Report

We also received a direct response from the Council to our feedback, including changes and improvements they have made to both sites. You can read their response here: 


Council response to website reports

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