CQC reports on findings of Covid-19 in-patient survey

The results of CQC’s coronavirus (COVID-19) inpatient survey have been published and they show that most people were positive about the care and treatment they received in hospital during the first wave of the pandemic.
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But those diagnosed with coronavirus had poorer experiences than those without the virus - particularly in relation to:

  • discharge from hospital and
  • knowing what would happen next with their care.

The results also reveal some concerns that certain groups found some aspects of their hospital stay more difficult, such as:

  • people with dementia or Alzheimer’s
  • those with a mental health condition.

The survey captured the views of more than 10,000 adults who were discharged from hospital during April and May 2020. The CQC carried it out to gather feedback to help services and local systems plan for and improve future coronavirus care.

The sample of patients surveyed included people admitted with confirmed or suspected coronavirus. It also included those admitted for unrelated reasons.

The survey asked people to give their opinions on the care they received, including:

  • quality of information and interaction with staff
  • how well they were able to communicate with family and friends
  • the cleanliness of the hospital environment
  • their discharge arrangements.

The results reveal some notable trends, including:

Feeling safe from risk

Most patients (83%) said they felt safe from the risk of catching coronavirus in hospital:

  • those diagnosed while in hospital felt least safe (68%)
  • compared with those who did not receive a coronavirus diagnosis (84%).

Confidence and trust in staff

Over 8 in ten people surveyed (83%) said they ‘always’ had confidence and trust in the staff treating them:

  • 77% said they were involved ‘a great deal’ or ‘a fair amount’ in the decisions made about their treatment
  • 70% felt they ‘always’ received enough emotional support from staff during their stay.

Overall experiences

Patients with a coronavirus diagnosis reported poorer experiences than people who did not have the virus. Particularly in relation to discharge and accessing support after leaving hospital.

You can read the full CQC report here

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