Keeping families connected - good practice from outstanding care homes

During the COVID-19 pandemic there have been considerable challenges in Hampshire’s care homes, including how to keep families in touch with their relatives. This report highlights good practice.
Old man with family members in the background

To identify good practice in how care homes are keeping families and relatives connected, we made contact with four care homes who previously took part in our review of outstanding homes in April 2020 titled -  What Does Outstanding Care and Support Look Like – more here.

Good relationships have been formed with these homes and we worked with them to find out what kind of methods they were using to help keep families connected during the pandemic, which resulted in the Keeping Connected report.

We asked the homes two key questions: 

  1. How are residents being supported to be able to communicate and keep connected with their families, friends and the community? (What methods have been used, and what has, or hasn’t worked)
  1. How are the homes keeping families informed about daily life in the home? 

The results are being shared across the care home sector as a good practice guide and you can download the full report below. 

We want to hear from more care homes

We are still looking for more feedback from care homes across Hampshire, to find out how they have been keeping people connected during the pandemic, and what issues they have been experiencing.

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