Information, services and support during the coronavirus pandemic

We teamed up with Healthwatch Isle of Wight, Healthwatch Portsmouth and Healthwatch Southampton to understand what people’s experiences have been during the Coronavirus pandemic.
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We asked residents from May to July 2020 how they found accessing information they needed to keep themselves and their families safe during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as accessing information about local health and social care services, the ease or difficulty in using these services and any reasons people may have had for not using them.

Some of the key themes include:

  • Most people said they found it easy to get information on keeping safe during the coronavirus pandemic, but people felt some topics were less clear, such as information on testing.
  • The most popular and useful sources of information on keep safe were the daily briefings from the government and TV news, radio and newspapers.
  • Many of the experiences shared were about people struggling to get information on changes to services or people finding the information provided was confusing.
  • Over half of people who had used mental health services said that getting access to support had been ‘very difficult or difficult’.
  • Responses showed that informal carers feel like they have been “left to get on with it.” Carers told us that they have been unable to access respite and support, which is putting them under considerable strain.
  • Most people were positive about the support received in the community, with comments mentioning the use of prescription collection services and food shopping.


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