Communications Strategy 2020 - 2023

Healthwatch Hampshire is about local voices influencing and shaping local health and social care services. To listen to people’s views and experiences about local services and use those views to put recommendations forward to help improve services.
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Giving citizens and communities a strong voice and influence will ensure that services are built around the needs and experiences of the people that use them.

Healthwatch Hampshire also provide information and signposting services to help individuals navigate the health and social care system by directing them on where to go when they need help and advice when things go wrong.

Our mission is for Healthwatch Hampshire to be the consumer champion for health and social care services in Hampshire.

Our vision is a society where the voice of the local people is listened to and all our health and social care services meet the needs of the patients.

This means that:

  • People help shape health and social care services
  • People influence the services they receive personally
  • People hold services to account when things go wrong.


We will achieve this by:

  • Listening to local people, especially the most vulnerable, to understand their experiences and what matters most to them
  • Influencing those who have the power to change services so that they better meet people’s needs now and, in the future
  • Informing and empowering people to get the most from their health and social care services
  • Working with other voluntary organisations to champion service improvement and to empower local people to speak out.

Our communications strategy provides a framework for the delivery of effective communications by the organisation which are clear, appropriate and help us achieve our goals.

Effective communications will help to:

  • Increase awareness of Healthwatch Hampshire and its work
  • Increase Healthwatch Hampshire’s reputation as an independent, professional and credible organisation
  • Continuously build meaningful two-way communication with the public, patients and carers to ensure they have the knowledge and understanding to share their views which will help influence the shaping of health and social care services in Hampshire
  • Ensure that we work closely with seldom heard groups to champion their voices and enable them to be heard
  • Ensure we work closely with commissioners, so services are designed with the people in Hampshire who use those services.


Communications Strategy 2020 - 2023

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