Quality Assurance Reports - Farnham and Fleet Hospitals - November 2019

In November 2019 Healthwatch Hampshire took part in Quality Assurance Visits on three wards at Farnham and Fleet Hospitals.
Hospital staff with patient being caring

During these visits Healthwatch staff spoke to patients, carers and family members to gather their views and experiences about their time on the wards. We asked patients to comment on:

-      Care and treatment

-      Communication and information

-      Opportunities to discuss their medication

-      Therapies and activities on the ward

-      Involvement in discharge planning

The Quality Assurance visits were organised in advance, and in some cases, hospital staff had distributed leaflets to patients providing information about Healthwatch Hampshire.  While on the wards it was important that Healthwatch was sensitive to the needs of patients, many of whom were frail and unwell. Therefore, hospital staff advised on which patients had consented to participate and informed us which patients were too unwell to take part.

It is important to note that these visits capture a snapshot of patient experience, rather than being representative of all service user experiences on the wards.

Healthwatch Hampshire would like to thank all the patients, carers and family members who took part in this survey. We would also like to thank the ward staff who made us welcome and facilitated our visits.


Read the full reports here:

Quality Assurance Report Farnham Hospital
Quality Assurance Report Fleet Hospital

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