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Oak Lodge is a residential nursing home that caters for people who cannot manage on their own any more e.g. may have had a stroke, be susceptible to falls, or are living with early onset dementia.
Oak Lodge

What is Enter and View

Healthwatch Hampshire has powers to carry out what we describe as ‘Enter and View’ visits.  During a visit, we talk to people who use the service, whether patients or residents, and their relatives where appropriate.  We also speak to staff to find out where they think the service is working well, and where it could be improved.  

Observations and feedback from the visit are then collated in a report, which is sent to the provider of the service, as well as regulators such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the local authority and NHS Commissioners when appropriate. 

Purpose of visit

  • To seek the views of residents relating to life at the Care Home
  • To enquire about how residents and relatives’ feedback into the running of the home.
  • To capture what residents, staff and visitors feel makes the home ‘Outstanding’.

The Manager felt it very important to lead by example so that staff can see the level of care that is expected from them. Modelling the way they expect residents to be treated and cared for, ensures staffs standards are high. She feels very strongly that you can’t Manage staff by being sat in an office.

Regular contact with the families, and regular feedback from residents is a priority for the Manager. Each day the management team will visit every resident and check in with them to see how they are, and if they have any concerns, or priorities for the day. Every resident is seen as an individual.

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I feel like the Lady of the Manor, and this is my stately home.
— Resident

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