Our work - what do we do? 

We give people who use health and social care services a voice about the services they use.

We provide advice and information to help people find the support and care they need.  

We make sure your voices are heard by the people who run health and social care services across the county. 

Monthly update – February 2021

Throughout February we have been working on a number of areas including:

  • Supporting the communications around the Coronavirus vaccine roll-out
  • Supporting LGBTQ+ History month with social media posts and information
  • Developing our Engagement Strategy and plans for engaging with the community
  • We held our quarterly Board meeting – details can be found here (link)
  • Developed a new information page on how to register with your GP (link)

The main topics people have been talking to us about are:

  • The vaccine programme
  • Access to dental services
  • Unpaid carers access to respite and the vaccine


Caring during Covid Project

We ran our Caring during Covid project at the end of last year to find out what it has been like for people caring for relatives and loved ones at home during the pandemic. Watch the video to hear their stories and click below to find out more about the project. 

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Healthwatch volunteer talking to two members of the public

Our work - a case study

Every month we will include a case study highlighting the type of work which we carry out at Healthwatch Hampshire, and how we help to make a difference by giving people a voice around health and social care services.

Our case study for February is looking at how we developed our Caring during Covid-19 project jointly with carer organisations, and how that co-production process worked well.  

Read the case study

Find out more about us 

We have produced a short presentation about the work carried out by us, which you can download and share with anyone who is interested in finding out about us as an organisation.

We can be commissioned to carry out work for other health and social care organisations - contact us for more details - enquires@healthwatchhampshire.co.uk.

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Our work - An Easy read document

Healthwatch England has produced an Easy read document talking about the work carried out by all the Healthwatch organisations across the country, including Healthwatch Hampshire. You can download it here: 

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Our Mission, Vision and Values


We are the consumer champion for health and social care services in Hampshire.


A society where the voice of the local people is listened to and all our health and social care services meet the needs of the patients. This means that:

  • People help to shape health and social care services
  • People can influence the services they receive personally
  • People can hold services to account when things go wrong

We will achieve this by:

  • Listening to local people, especially the most vulnerable, to understand their experiences and what matters most to them.
  • Influencing those who have the power to change services so that they better meet people’s needs now, and in the future.
  • Informing and empowering people to get the most from their health and social care services.
  • Working with other organisations to champion service improvement and to empower local people to speak out.


  • Inclusive
  • Independent
  • Credible
  • Collaborative

Advice and Information

In the last year Healthwatch has helped over 960,000 people find the advice and information they needed. 

Share your views

You can make local services better for you and your community by telling us what you like and what could be better.