Regular activity, healthy eating, sleep and relaxation are four pillars which can support longer, healthier lives. That’s the message to people across Frimley Health and Care during Self Care Week 2021 (Nov 15 - 21).
A collage of people exercising, eating well and meditating with the words self care for life

The theme of Self Care Week this year is to ‘Practise Self Care for Life’, so we’re raising awareness that making small and achievable changes to our everyday lives can help us to stay well and improve our health and wellbeing.

These changes include healthy tweaks to our diets, taking regular exercise, getting enough sleep and knowing what to do about symptoms of common everyday illnesses. It’s also about understanding and having the ability and confidence to manage long-term conditions.

The simple steps you can take are:

Move more – You don’t even have to join a gym. Walk the dog; leave the car at home; ignore the bus (or get off the bus one stop earlier than usual); take the stairs instead of the lift; dance around the kitchen table; just go for a walk.

Sleep – It’s when our body recharges, so a good night’s sleep is essential for sound physical and mental health.

Eat well – It is vitally important that we get the nutrients we need and avoid excessive amounts of salt, fat and sugar. Food gives you energy, which helps to keep you warm. So, try to have regular hot meals and drinks throughout the day.

Relax – We have such busy lives that we sometimes forget to take time out to relax, but it is essential for our physical and mental wellbeing. Taking a couple of seconds to do something out of the ordinary can make the world of difference.

This winter taking up invitations for vaccination appointments for Covid booster and flu are also important ways of maintaining your own health.

You can find more tips on self care shared across our social media pages. To find out more about Frimley Health and Care, click here. 

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