World Breastfeeding Week – 1 – 7 August 2021

Healthwatch Hampshire is supporting World Breastfeeding Week which aims to raise awareness of how breastfeeding is linked to the survival, health and wellbeing of women, children and nations.

In Hampshire there are a number of support groups for women who are struggling to breastfeed:

NCT Hampshire: offering online support, find out more

South and East Hampshire Breastfeeding Network - find out more

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust - Breastfeeding advice and guidance

The aim of the World Breastfeeding Week campaign is to:  

  • Inform people about the importance of protecting breastfeeding 

  • Anchor breastfeeding support as a vital public health responsibility 

  • Engage with organisations and individuals for greater impact 

  • Galvanise action on protecting breastfeeding to improve public health 

The World Breastfeeding Alliance organises the campaign every year to raise awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding around the world and to encourage and support governments to promote it.  

This year, key messages from the WABA include pushing for a public health approach to breastfeeding, where governments and other stakeholders collaborate to create a multisectoral breastfeeding-friendly environment.  

They believe this approach is a vital part of protecting and supporting breastfeeding and requires investment.  

The campaign is all calling for social protection for all parents in the formal and informal sector, including paid parental leave and workplace support which protects their breastfeeding rights.  

The WABA believes this can be achieved through partnerships between governments, employers, trade unions, civil society organisations and communities. 

For more details about the campaign, visit the WABA website: 

If you are, or know a mum who is struggling with breastfeeding, the team at Healthwatch Hampshire can help to put you in touch with the relevant support services. You can contact us on 01962 440262.

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