COVID-19: Can you help by becoming a Vaccination Champion?

Hampshire County Council is looking for volunteers to become Vaccination Champions to help the NHS and the Council to increase uptake of the COVID-19 vaccination.
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The Council needs help to reach everyone in the Hampshire communities to communicate why it is important to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

This helps protect us all from the virus so we can keep safe and be there for our family and friends.   

What does a Vaccination Champion do?

If you become a voluntary Vaccination Champion you will be helping the NHS in Hampshire to share up-to-date and trusted information with people about the COVID-19 vaccine. You will be based from home and able to work whenever is most convenient to you. In your volunteer role you might:

  • post update-to-date information on the vaccine on social media;
  • share information from the NHS and Local Authority on WhatsApp;
  • help produce videos of local community leaders for sharing on social media;
  • share information in local magazines or newsletters; and
  • put up information on community noticeboards.

Who should sign up to become a Vaccination Champion?

Lots of people have said they are hopeful about the vaccine and will get the jab when they are offered it.  However, national data shows that people from some communities are less likely to have been vaccinated so far. This includes:

  • those from certain minority ethnic groups including those who are black, have mixed heritage or are from South Asian backgrounds;
  • those living in deprived areas.

The Council is looking from volunteers from lots of backgrounds, and would particularly welcome applications from people who are:

  • from ethnically diverse communities, including Gypsies, Roma and Travellers;
  • engaged with the homeless population;
  • engaged with substance misuse clients;
  • living or working in Rushmoor, Havant or Gosport communities.

How will Vaccination Champions be supported?

Vaccination Champions will be offered a £20 LoveToShop Voucher on completion of training and tasks as agreed.

Vaccination Champions will be asked to attend one 2.5 hour session on Zoom. There will be daytime and evening sessions to choose from throughout April.

Upon successful application, you will receive an email containing a list of the training sessions available. Please sign up to one session on a date and time that works for you.

What to do next

If you have further questions about becoming a Vaccination Champion, please contact the council today using the details below:

Applications to become a Vaccination Champion can be made by completing the online form. If you require the form in printed format telephone the number below to arrange. Please submit your application by 30th April 2021.

Complete your Application Form here.

Contact the team today and sign up to help protect your local community.

TELEPHONE: 07824 321 233



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