Hampshire residents are concerned about mental health, survey reveals

People across Hampshire have been telling us what matters to them when it comes to health and social care services in the county, as part of our ongoing survey, and they have raised clear concerns about mental health.
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Our survey has had almost 250 responses within the first few weeks, with people telling us about both positive and negative experiences of health and social care services across Hampshire, as well as what they think priorities should be going forward.

We have received lots of examples of positive experiences of services from patients and the services which received the most positive ratings were the programme to roll-out the Covid-19 vaccinations, followed by blood tests and then GP services.

People have told us how they valued being treated with respect and kindness, being listened to, and staff who took time to respond to their individual needs/circumstances.

  • 61% of people said it was ‘Very Easy/Easy’ to access health and care services 
  • 39% of people found it ‘Very Difficult/ Difficult’ to access services
My GP is fantastic…it feels like she's working with me to resolve problems rather than just telling me what to do. She has been incredibly supportive in the past when a horrible job was making my mental health very poor. I always feel listened to and respected.

However, when it comes to experiences of mental health services, patients have been sharing more negative experiences than positive ones, through the survey.

We also asked people which area of health and care they thought Healthwatch Hampshire should be focussed on and a clear majority said mental health services in response to this question.

Access to mental health has disappeared, under regular review by GP, this stopped when face-to-face stopped. I’ve had no contact offered or available. I’ve been made to feel that I cannot call for a review, I don’t like to ask for help.

Other subjects which people have raised with us throughout this survey include difficulty accessing their GP, including not being able to get through on the phone, or to book an appointment. Another theme was difficulties using E-consultation services for appointments.

When it comes to people’s personal priorities for health and wellbeing they have told us they want to:

  • Lose weight
  • Improve their fitness
  • Improve their mental health

We are running our survey until the end of April so there is still plenty of time to complete it and we really want to hear from as many people across Hampshire as possible. Join your voice to the 200+ people who have already told us what matters to them when it comes to health and social care services.

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