Opportunity to take part in Lived Experience Advisory Panel

Read more below and download the Easy Read leaflet to find out more about the new Lived Experience Advisory Panel and how you can take part.

Traverse are creating a Lived Experience Advisory Panel (called LEAP for short). It is a first step towards their vision that research will be done by people from different communities and with different experiences.

The aim is for Traverse to work with members of the LEAP to design great research with people who have lived experience, understand what the journey of change is and what success looks like,

They want to embed inclusivity, equity, justice and co-production in their research practice.

LEAP will consist of 10 people with a range of lived experience, and from a broad range of communities. This group will meet 6 times between now and July 2021. Panel members will be paid £100 for each meeting they attend.

The organisation is recruiting Panel members and is looking to reach people with experience of the healthcare system and care system, mental health system, a physical disability or sensory impairment, homelessness, the criminal justice system, asylum system, carers, people with a learning difficulty and/or autism, young people, people from Black and minority ethnic communities, Gypsy / Traveller communities or the LGBT community.

You can read the full details in the below leaflet: 

Download the leaflet

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