World Suicide Prevention Day – September 10 - Take a Minute

Every year September 10 is dedicated as World Suicide Prevention Day to raise awareness of this issue which devastates families around the world. Over 800,000 people die by suicide annually, representing 1 person every 40 seconds.
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This World Suicide Prevention Day the theme is to take a minute. That means take a minute every day to reach out to someone - a complete stranger, close family member or friend – and ask them if they are okay. This simple action can change a life.

Suicide is the leading cause of death in people aged 15-24 in many European countries and for every suicide which takes place, there are a further 25 suicide attempts. It is thought that every suicide death impacts 135 people.

Take a Minute

We are all part of a community, linked to family, friends, work colleagues, neighbours or teams, but sometimes we can become isolated and disconnected from our communities.

We have the responsibility to support and empower those who become vulnerable in our communities. If you are worried about someone in your community reach out and ask them “are you okay?”

By simply checking in with them and offering non-judgemental support you can make a difference

  • People are often reluctant to intervene when they are worried for others.
  • They may not feel knowledgeable enough or may not feel like the right person.
  • It is important to know that people in distress are often not looking for specific advice, but merely to be listened to with compassion and empathy.

The listening ear of someone with compassion, empathy and a lack of judgement can help restore hope. We can check in with them, ask them how they are doing and encourage them to tell their story. This small gesture goes a long way.

• Take a minute to notice what is going on with you, your family, your friends and your colleagues.

• Take a minute to reach out and start a conversation if you notice something is different.

• Take a minute to find out what help is available for both you and others.

For more information, resources and support visit the International Association for Suicide Prevention website.


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