Enter and View Outstanding Reports

Healthwatch Hampshire have been visiting Care Homes in Hampshire that have been rated outstanding by CQC. Read our reports to see what residents, family and staff told us.
Outstanding Care Home reports

Outstanding Care Homes in Hampshire

Healthwatch Hampshire has powers to carry out what we describe as ‘Enter and View’ visits.  This assists us in our role as independent local champions for patients’ rights regarding health and social care services.  These visits are carried out by small teams of trained members of Healthwatch Hampshire staff and volunteers who observe health and social care services at work, for example a GP practice, care home, or hospital.  

Hampshire County Council have commissioned Healthwatch Hampshire to visit some of the Care Homes in Hampshire that have been rated outstanding by CQC. We have been tasked with seeking feedback from residents, staff and visitors to collate views on what makes a Home ‘outstanding’.  A final summary of the information gathered will be collated and used as a Best Practice evidence to share with others.

Purpose of visit

  • To seek the views of residents relating to life at the Care Home
  • To enquire about how residents and relatives’ feedback into the running of the home.
  • To capture what residents, staff and visitors feel makes the home ‘Outstanding’.

How we do this?

During an Enter and View, we talk to people who use the service, whether patients or residents, and their relatives where appropriate.  We also speak to staff to find out where they think the service is working well, and where it could be improved.  Observations and feedback from the visit are then collated in a report, which is sent to the provider of the service, as well as regulators such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the local authority and NHS Commissioners when appropriate.

Residents Comments: 

“I feel very at home here. My husband brought our dog in today for a visit and we walked him round the corridors.”
— Residents comment
“I’ve only been here for 4 days, but it already feels like home. There is a wonderful atmosphere here that I can’t put into words. The staff are kind and caring and interested in what we have to say”
— Carehome resident

Healthwatch observations 

One manager feels it is very important to lead by example, and she is ‘hands on’ at all times and encourages good practice by modelling it herself, and heads of departments will walk the floors every morning and check in with every resident. She feels it is very important for residents, and staff that management are visible, and accessible. 

At the time of our visit we were able to meet one of the owners of the home. Her priorities include being visible to the residents. Both owners are regular visitors to the home and are involved in residents’ daily lives. They support the manager in coming up with innovative ideas to keep residents engaged, and keep staff motivated.

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