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Are you a carer?

Many people who are looking after family members at home, might not think of themselves as a carer. They are just looking after their loved ones. But if you are supporting someone with shopping, household chores and daily personal needs then you are an unpaid carer. It's important to understand what your rights are and what support is out there for you so we have created this roadmap to help guide you to the information you need. 

Free PPE for unpaid carers

It is important that Infection, Prevention, Control measures continue to be followed. Currently, it is recommended that unpaid carers not living with the person they care for wear PPE when delivering care. These unpaid carers are eligible to receive free COVID-19 PPE through local authorities (LAs) and local resilience forums (LRFs) until the end of March 2022. Additionally, LAs/ LRFs may use discretion to provide PPE to co-resident unpaid carers if appropriate.

If you are aware of unpaid carers who would benefit from this offer, please let them know that they can contact their LA/ LRF using these contact details.

Carers' assessments

All unpaid carers have the right to a carers' assessment from Hampshire County Council to find out what support and help you might need to carry out your caring responsibilities.

This guide tells you all about why you should have a carers' assessment and what it's for. 

Hampshire County Council provides carers' assessments across Hampshire. You can find their carers' assessment web page here. They also have further advice and information for carers here

You can also get in touch with Hampshire Adults Health and Care Team, who carry out the assessments, here: 

0300 555 1386 - Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5pm and Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm

Out of hours 0300 555 1373 - Monday to Thursday 5pm to 8.30am and Friday 4.30pm to Monday 8.30am. All day on Bank Holidays


GP support and registration

As a carer it's important firstly, that you are registered with a GP and secondly, that you tell your GP you are a carer, as they can provide help and support if they know about your caring responsibilities. 

You can read our article on the ways your GP can support you in your caring role, and watch our videos with GP Tim Cooper and Carer Ian Penfold, talking about the importance of telling your GP you are a carer. 

Here is a useful guide from Carers UK on all the ways your GP and their team can help you as a carer.   

If you are not yet registered with a GP you can find out more here and there is also useful information on the Connect to Support Hampshire website about telling your GP you are a carer. 

Carer support groups

There are several Hampshire-based carer support groups as well as national advice and support groups with local branches which support carers from all walks of life. You can find contact details for all of these in our directory, using the links below. 

Our Information and advice page contains the details of all these groups which might be able to help you on your journey as a carer. 

There are also contacts for useful groups and other organisations included in our Online Directory

Young carers

There are many young people in Hampshire helping to care for family members and there are specific resources and support aimed at young carers in the County. The council has a website section dedicated to young carers.  

The Hampshire Young Carers Alliance brings together all the young carer support groups across the county and provides lots of useful information. There is also national support from the Children's Society

Local young carer groups: 

Getting a break when you need one

As a carer it's important to look after your own health and wellbeing by getting regular breaks. There are several options for carer breaks and respite care across Hampshire which can help you. 

The Family Information and Services Hub run by Hampshire County Council has some useful links for organisations which can help with getting a break. 

There is the Take a Break service in Hampshire to support carers. 

There is The Shared Lives scheme which is another option to support carers in Hampshire who are looking for a break. 

More information about carers breaks can be found on the Hampshire Connect to Support website

You can also find details about day care centres and other respite opportunities through the Hampshire Council website and the Connect to Support website


Getting support and advice

There are many different organisations out there to provide support and help for carers in a variety of ways. From cancer care services to dementia help; from day services for people with learning disabilities to emergency support. 

We have created an Online Directory of organisations which can help carers, either at a local level, Hampshire-wide or on a national level, which we hope you will find useful. 

If you come across a great organisation that helps carers and is not in our directory, please do let us know so we can add it in - email to enquiries@healthwatchhampshire.co.uk



Carers funding and finance support

As a carer you might have had to give up work, or need to know about any kind of financial support that is available. The Connect to Support Hampshire website has useful information about carer finance

The website also has information about financial support and advice for the person you care for. Have a look at the benefits page to make sure that the person you are caring for is receiving all the benefits and discounts that they are entitled to..

Nationally, there is a lot of information about claiming Carers Allowance and other financial issues which carers need to know, on the Direct.gov website. 

The Carers Trust also has a very comprehensive section on finances and benefits for carers on their website. 


Read all about our Caring during Covid survey and you can watch our quick video about the project results, which includes carers sharing their stories.