Case Study - Caring During Covid-19 Project

In September 2020 we co-produced a survey working with several different carer support groups, to find out the experiences which unpaid carers of all ages, were having during the pandemic.

The survey went out across the county via email, website, it was featured in the media and shared via the carer groups we were working with.

We also partnered with the local authorities across the area to share the survey in their newsletters and on their social media, to get the word out to as many unpaid carers as possible.

We received almost 200 responses back from carers of all ages, including young carers, telling us about their experiences of caring for loved ones at home during the pandemic and throughout the lockdown periods.

We compiled a report highlighting all of the issues raised by the carers, including recommendations for change, which was then shared with more than 150 key stakeholders in health and social care across the county, as well as publicly on our website, with the carer groups and in the media.

We were invited to present our report findings to various meetings, including Hampshire Safeguarding Board at the end of March, to help spread the word about the issues facing carers currently.

Following on from the report, we are now running a number of further projects across the county to deliver on the recommendations we made, including developing some new information resources for carers.

This project was an example of how working in partnership helped to develop a much better and more informative survey, as well as helping to reach a lot more people than we perhaps would have created if we’d run it single-handedly.

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