Cervical Cancer Awareness Week 2022

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week runs from 17th-23rd January 2022. Here, we share some great sources of information and advice around the disease.
A lady holding a sign reminding people to book a smear test

Cervical Cancer effects thousands of people each year. There are however, organisations out there that work hard on prevention but also support if you have or know somebody who has Cervical Cancer. 

  • Jo's Trust- Jo's Trust have a helpline, online forum, 1:1 support and a whole range of other resources. They have videos and stories to make you feel more at ease over getting a smear test, and lots of resources explaining abnormal cells and next steps. Find them here. 
  • The NHS website has lots of information such as symptoms of Cervical Cancer and more. To view, click here. 
  • Cancer Research have a section on Cervical Cancer which you can view by clicking here. 
  • Locally, we have Wessex Cancer Trust, a fantastic organisation offering free and local emotional support to anyone living with cancer. View their website here

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