Hints and tips on keeping well this winter with Frimley Health and Care

Frimley Health and Care have just launched a 24 days of Christmas campaign- sharing a new piece of advice, tip or message, including health, care and wellbeing messages each day.
A snowman with the words 24 days of christmas campaign

As winter rolls on, bugs and viruses are circulating and it can be difficult to keep well. This Christmas, Frimley Health and Care have launched a campaign with a focus on general wellbeing. As well as tips and advice around managing illness, the campaign looks at mental wellbeing, keeping warm and looking out for others.

Each day there is a youtube clip- you can find all of these on the Frimley youtube channel here

Healthwatch Hampshire are supporting the campaign by posting each day on our social media channels. If you have social media, you can follow the campaigns on:

We hope you enjoy the posts and find them useful and that you and your families stay well this winter. 

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