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Information about Enter and View

Enter & View is the statutory power granted to every local Healthwatch which allows authorised representatives to observe how services are being delivered, to collect the views of service users at the point of delivery, and to collect the views of carers and relatives of service users from a lay persons perspective.

Only authorised representatives can undertake Enter and View and only for the purpose of carrying out the activities of Healthwatch Hampshire.   The Enter & View Authorised Representatives are Healthwatch Champions who have been fully DBS checked and have undergone specialist training to visit and observe health and social care services in a range of NHS and social care premises in accordance with Healthwatch Hampshire policy.

Enter and View is not an inspection. Visits are used to gather patients views, feedback on experience around standards of quality of care, accessibility and inequalities. The information collected is used to make recommendations and help bring about improvements. Our Enter and View Reports are shared with the CQC as well as being made available to the public on our website.

As part of the Enter & View role, authorised representatives can:

  • go into health and social care premises to see and hear for themselves how services are provided
  • collect the views of service users at the point of service delivery
  • collect the views from family and carers
  • observe the nature and quality of services
  • collect evidence based findings
  • develop recommendations which influence commissioning

If you have any questions or would like further information about Enter and View visits, as a provider of services or as a service user please email enquiries@healthwatchhampshire.co.uk or phone on 01962 440 262.

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